Here’s the ‘bad’ news – there are now a million and one reasons why organisations rely on having a sustainable security infrastructure in place. In fact, for many it’s not even negotiable. If you don't have it, you're in trouble. However, it is often assumed that forking out the investment to pay for such set-ups, is heavy on the wallet. This brings me onto the good news. It doesn't have to be as expensive as you might think. We have spent a good part of a few hours, coming up with a cost effective way of lightening the financial load, whilst bumping up the complexity of an airtight security infrastructure. There are 5 main ways in which we are hung to achieve this. See Below:




The cost of real security isn't in the initial investment of getting everything set up by Kenseicon Security. What's really important is the cost it imposes afterwards. I.e ineffective security will in the long term cost you 10 x more than if you did it properly to begin with. Now imagine a scenario where you had an analogue system installed on your site, where there were blind spots, together with intruder inferred and fire alarm systems placed to miss key break-in/ hazardous opportunities. Can you fathom the real costs behind those mistakes? We can tell you off hand, it ain't pretty! The factor the matter is IP systems work better than analogue systems. It's like comparing a Nokia 3210 to an iPhone 6s. Intelligence wins everytime!




We all like to think that we can trust the people working for us. Some may even think that ‘inside jobs’ are only for people staring on Crime Watch UK. Our internal dialogue tells us ‘it will never happen to me.’ Here at Kensiecon Security we hold case studies that prove, you may just be kidding yourself. Here’s our bit of advice. When handing over vital security information to clients and employee’s. Make sure everything stays confidential.

Think Too Much



Here’s another question for you. If you had to choice of using CCTV footage as evidence to prosecute,  after the damage has already been done. Or had the choice of preventing/limiting the damage to begin with, which one would you choose. We know what we would choose. So it's no wonder why we have chosen to include remote monitoring as part of an air tight cost effective security infrastructure.




As much as we’d like to get everything perfect the first time round, in respect to setting things up for our clients, the reality is we don't live in such a perfect world. That's why regular reviews and is necessary for further optimising positioning and equipment when's and where needed. The bottom line is, eliminating points of weakness bit by bit, really aids in prevention over cure situations.




Above we have discussed the pitfalls of what stollen or damaged equipment can have on a business. But what we failed to mention however was the cost of not being able to carry on business as usual. Kenseicon Security’s advice  can help keep on track with all you do as a business on a daily bases.


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