Indoor DetectionAdvanced video analytics are software that, when combined with CCTV surveillance systems, enhance the effectiveness of these systems a great deal.

Without the aid of manual control, these systems can automatically detect things that might be abnormal in their field of view such as: someone loitering alone at an unmanned petrol station, a vehicle illegally parked in a controlled zone or a suspicious person who appears to be casing your security systems and property.

In addition to these instances in which video analytics can benefit you, there are a number of other advantages as well. Advantages like being able to instantly identify people in the viewing area, vehicle monitoring that can identify vehicles as they pass by, facial recognition for security or legal purposes and more.

Intelligent video analytics are a benefit to a number of industries from helping to plan retail forecasts by accurately recording footfalls to office areas and beyond.

These advanced systems will automatically track, tilting and zooming as needed for best viewing, a person moving across private property when an alarm has been raised. This kind of surveillance has the advantage of being an asset to authorities in real time should this be such a situation.

This element can also predict potential movements, tracking a subject and predicting their next move allowing a system to be placed on lockdown. The security that intelligent video analytics offer is truly astounding and is now available not only to governments and major corporations but to the public as well!